Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HP Mini 1000 (1151nr) Memory Upgrade How To

DIY HP Mini 1000 memory up-grade how to HP Mini 1151nr Verizon branded Memory Upgrade how to.

If you ever want to know if something is durable or not give it to a 6 year old to use for a month. That will tell you!!

Kid tested Dad approved.

So we have had the HP Mini 1000 in the house for about a month now. The littlest one has been using it for internet access at the coffee table for the entire time. She is enthralled with (a great learning sight for the little ones) and of course something about Hannah Montana???

BTW I am still waiting for the recovery disk from HP it was ordered over a month ago.. I don't think I will ever get it ... going to call and have the case escalated in the next couple of days. Come ON HP how difficult is it?????

Well I know that this is a very simple procedure but may as well outline it while I'm not busy. so here goes

If you are looking for 1024x768 on an HP Mini 1000 or 1100 (1154NR, 1151NR)

First the Netbook I still can't get over how stunning the display is and the shinny exterior.. The design IMO is just Mavalous.

The biggest disappointment with this HP Mini 1000 and other NetBooks is the display .. Unfortunately the 1024X576 on the 10.1 inch display is just unusable of any professional applications, or connecting to Terminal Server, Citrix. This NetBook would have been better off with a 10.1 inch screen with the resolution of 1280X800 like HP Mini 2133 I reviewed earlier this month... HERE

I even like the plastic outer casing with the visual design with the glossy finish ... if you are picky about finger prints and every thing else these NetBooks are not for you.. Finger prints and grime will show up immediately on the finish. I am amazed that it has held up as well as it shows... with the 6 year old using it for as long as she has.

Turn off the NetBook flip it over and here is what you have, remove the battery the latches are circled. And where I started to pry the memory cover is circled.

Like I mentioned before just pry the memory cover off .. if you don't have any finger nails left you can slip a cut up "credit card" (only thing those damn things are good for) in an pry up a bit till you can get a hold of it. There are no screws holding this in place ... just don't break off the little plastic nibs that keep it in place.

And Voila you now have full access to the memory ... I pulled the 1GB ram stick out and opted for an inexpensive 2GB module of Corsair DDR2 667mhz. I have had this one hanging around from other upgrades / downgrades. Local MicroCenter had the 4GB kit on sale a while ago for 50$...

Hope this helps someone...

In response to a question does it really work... I have uploaded a screen shot of the system...

It shows the 2GB upgrade and it works... click on the image for a bigger picture.


1 question does upgrading work?..i mean the HP site says 1 gb max memory in the specs sheet..if so good sh1t


I have added a screen shot. In the Post from the HP Mini. Yep it shows the 2GB ram .. HP's spec sheets are introduced during the first run of the systems and rarely get updated... just like the DV series Laptops dv6000 dv9000 and dv2000's specs say 2GB ram... but most of them will take 4GB's of Ram with the most current Bios upgrades..

Hope this helps..

Just thought I'd point out a correction for your tutorial. The Mini does have a release for the memory door. With the door at the bottom, look at the right battery release switch and you'll see a rectangle with 2 squares and an arrow pointing to the right. Pull the battery and you'll see the squares under the latch switch. Insert a toothpick, pen or the like and push it in the direction of the arrow and the memory lid pops open. May save you from damaging the tabs. Very simple and nice design!

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