Thursday, November 5, 2009

HP QuickPlay only installing DVDPlay issues

HP's QuickPlay only installing DVDPlay

I can not take credit for this find it was found in one of HP's forums burried deap.. seems they really dont want any one to know about it. And I would guess rightfully so due to the fact

that this little gem would alow you to install Cyberlink's HP QuickPlay on any system (not tested).

QuickPlay is HP's version of Media Center for the PC. I have been using it on the DV6000's, DV2000's and the DV9000's to watch over the air broad casting on HP's Digital/Analog HP ExpressCard.. (BTW that rocks) but recently wanted to do some testing on and HP mini 2133 that has the express card slot. The issue with the 2133 is it came with Vista Basic no Media Center, and no QuickPlay!!!

So I figured this is an HP branded note book .. Why not install QuickPlay .. Well that did not work as expected. with out the bios branding of the media center HP notebooks QuickPlay will only install DVDPlay and you will not have access to the other features built in.

*** Hint I will not tell you exactly where to get QuickPlay but here is your hint sp43325 ****

If you already have it installed un-install in now and follow the instructions then re-install.

To get QuickPlay to install with all of the features correctly you will need do one of 2 things...

1.) Manualy edit your registry

Go to Start menu click on Run
If it is not there you will have to right click the start menu button
properties go to the Start Menu tab and click customize scroll down till
you see the box for run command click the box to enable it and close.

Now start run and type regedit

this will open the tool to edit your registry

*****Warning you are editing the registry .. if you deleat or change something in here that should not be changed you can render your system useless unbootable ... be careful .. if you are uncomfortable doing this DON'T. I take no responcibilities for your system*******

you will need to either add or modify a key in here ..


under software you will need to

Add a Key if it is not there

Right Click SOFTWARE new key


Right Click that

new Dword

QPFlag for the Dword and the value data should be 3

again right click original QPFlag new string

name in @= and its value should be =

close regedit and reinstall QuickPlay and you should be on your way.

2.) copy the following in note pad


save as QPreg.reg change the save as type to all files

save it to your desktop right click merge .. and you are ready to go.

so you won't have to worry about messing something up in your registry

Will try to provide a downloadable link for you soon

For More Great info on Laptop Repair Tips Hit the author is also the same guy that started

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