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Compaq F700 series Disassemble Tear-down How To

How To Disassemble the Compaq / HP F700 series F730us Laptop Disassembly Tear-Down with photos.

How to take apart Compaq Presario F700 Series Laptop

Tear down Guide for the Compaq Presario F700 / F730us Series Laptop

This is a quick post showing a F700 tear-down.

Level of experience needed: Advanced (this is not to say anyone should not be able to do this it will just take more time)

Reason for Tear-Down: F730us No video on boot, Post would not complete, all lights and indicators show good but no video on post. or if your F730us turns on and shuts down almost immediately if that is your issue also look at this page it is the same fix for the Compaq F730us video chip fix its the same as the HP DV6000 / DV2000 / DV90000 Fix

Time for Tear-Down: 20 min. (including taking pictures)

The Compaq Presario line of laptops are almost exactly the same specifications and design as the HP Pavillion DV6000, DV2000, DV9000 series laptops they have just been tattooed as Compaq with the bios and external branding.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-55 running at 1.8GHz Dual-Core 64-bit processor
ChipSet type: Nvidia NForce / GeForce Go 6150
Memory: 1GB with max of 2GB DDR2
Storage controller: Serial ATA / SATA-150
Optical Storage: EIDE DVD+_RW with LightScribe Technology

On to the tear-down

What is needed: Clean Space to work you should have an anti-static mat and wrist strap as well.

make sure you discharge any static build up before working on any electronic components
and if you get up to get coffee or any other reason discharge again before touching anything

****** Warning this will void your warranty (if you still have one) and can render your laptop useless if you do something wrong if you are not comfortable taking this or any electronic product apart have a qualified Service Technician do if for you I take no responsibilities if you decide to to this your self. There is always a risk of electrocution as well capacitors can retain a charge and the power supply as well as the battery should be removed when any repair is made. (have to do this warning just a CYA thing) OH BTW DON'T DO THIS (ok that should cover me)********

First you will need the laptop.

Tools you should have.

You should start on the bottom of the laptop with battery closest to you, I have circled all of the screws that you have access to with out taking the battery out or the Memory bay and the hard drive bay.

Take the battery out before starting in on removing the screws.

WOW Leveling professional power levelers and struggling newbies

With the hard drive cover and memory cover removed. You now have access to Memory, Wi-Fi, CMOS battery, and the Hard drive and carrie.

Carefully grasp the plastic on top of the hard drive carrier and pull up .. the hard drive will pop out and place it to the side.

This shows with the memory cover, hard drive cover (and hard drive removed), battery removed and the optical drive removed this will present you with the screws and connections to remove

Disconnect the Wireless connection now to ensure you don't have to flip it over again to remove them later, as you will need to pull them through the chassis to remove the LCD panel later.

There are 6 silver screws in the bottom of the battery bay that hold the power button bezel on and 2 black screws in the bay that hold the keyboard, the keyboard is held in with 3 black screws one is accessible with out taking the battery out.

In the memory and wireless bay there are 2 nut type screws that need to be removed at this time as well do not forget these they hold the system board to the chassis.

When taking the screws out it is a good idea to keep them in the same relative orientation they came out in. this gives you a sort of map or guide to put them back in.

Part 2 will cover taking the Power Button Bezel, KeyBoard, LCD panel, and Top Cover off.

WOW Leveling professional power levelers and struggling newbies


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